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About Me

My name is Ajay Kumar Pandey and this is our website.  Here, we are providing tutorials on a growing list of software related topics. All of the tutorials are in depth, comprehensive, and — best of all — absolutely for your career.

We are author of several software related books including  Excel 2007 and Excel Programming.

I have worked as a software consultant and as an instructor.

I hope you find the tutorials on this websites useful and informative.

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions for improvements,

please feel free to contact me.

Now just come on these points…..

Why we should learn Microsoft office?

Microsoft Office training can give you the confidence to use the tools you are provided. Having your MS Office skills professionally trained with significantly increases your work efficiency and confidence, which will also bring you with a sense of job satisfaction at work.

How important is the use of Microsoft Office?

Microsoft Office is extremely popular. It’s ease-of-use, accessibility, interactivity, and adaptability across operating systems have made its programs the most commonly used tools within companies around the world. In fact, there are over 1.2 billion users of Microsoft Office products.

Microsoft Excel 2007 Tutorial —

Microsoft Excel is an electronic spreadsheet that runs on a personal computer. It can use it to organize your data into rows and columns. It can also use it to perform mathematical calculations quickly.