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There are several other short-term computer courses that are offered in India but the ones mentioned above are the most popular ones which is why they found a place on this list. However, the students must take into account every aspect of these short-term computer courses before joining one of them. All the Best!!

Short-term computer courses

In India are becoming a hot thing in contemporary times. These types of short-term computer courses are quite popular amongst the 10th class and 12th class students as after appearing in their respective Board exams, they can easily squeeze in short-term computer courses to increase their chances of employability. Short-term computer courses are the best for 10th and 12th students as after the exams they have at least 2 to 3 months until the beginning of the next class.

It is not mandatory that only 10th and 12th class students will benefit from such short-term computer courses. Any individual who opts for one of these courses will benefit immensely.

List of Computer Courses

Here you will get some various types of computer courses for a job.  These days the world is being digitalized and this because of the computer and the internet.

Nowadays computer knowledge has become a must in every sector. It becomes compulsory in every industry and there is no possibility to get the best jobs without computer knowledge.

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List of Computer Courses with Complete Detail

1. Basic Computer Course 

It is the first and important course in the computer courses list.

best computer courses list for job
If you don’t know anything about the computer then you can join the Basic  Computer Courses or at any time, everyone must have a basic knowledge of computers.

After completion of this course, you can work as a computer operator in a Company, Mall or any other place where it required.

In this course, you will get to learn about the following topics.

Computer Fundamentals Microsoft Office
PowerPoint Notepad
Wordpad Ms-DOS
Researching Online Internet Searching
How to send an email Creating an email account
Computer Networking Job searching online
Write a Letter Write a Book

The duration of this computer course is 3-6 months and it’s must require for our further study and day to day life.

Computer Course Fee – 1000/- per month
syllabus for basic computer courses

2. Course on Computer Concept(CCC)

Computer programming to Medicine Health Informatics Course II, Basic Medical Science – Student blogs from Karolinska Institutet

The course on the computer concept(CCC) is the deep level of basic computer course, In PGEWS  you can get to learn basic to deep about the computer.

In this course, you will learn about all the basics of computers plus download, upload, payment, UPI, digital payment, ticket booking, online order and many more.

This is a certification course approved by the government so we can use it as a supporting certificate to get a job in a government as well as private organizations both.

Computer Course duration: – 3-6 months

Computer Course Fee – 1000/- per month

3. Web Designing / Web Development

India is being digitalized, every single sector is becoming online including small medium and large so it becomes the most important course.

Why Web designing is necessary for small SMEs and Corpartes

So web designing can prove as an evergreen course nowadays

Web designing contains learning of coding languages such as HTML( Hypertext mark link ), DHTML, Javascript, PHP, ASP, CSS, etc.

If you have a certificate, knowledge, and skill of this course then you can work from home through freelancers and also you can develop your website.

If you have good knowledge and skill then you can get a chance to design a big website for an E-Commerce website or any big company’s website.

Nowadays, it has become a vast field so you can make a career in this field.It’s very important course and easy to understand and one can design with his own ideas also.

Computer Course Duration – 1 year ( Professional )

Computer Course Fee – 1500/- per month

4. Graphic Designing

It is the best computer course for those who are artistic, innovative, creative, designing, etc.

A Visual Way of Communication – Graphic Designing in Saudi Arabia

Graphic Design is the art or skill of combining text, number, and picture in advertising, newspaper, magazine, book, logo, cloth, youtube thumbnail, and photo.

After completion of this course, you can get a job at a media company, marketing company, etc.

If you have a good skill or command in graphic designing then you can work as a.

Game designer Fashion designer
Teacher / Trainer Ux / Ui designer
Book cover designer Web Designer
Marriage card designer 3D illustrator
Packaging designer Letterpress printer
Youtube thumbnail designer Company logo designer

Computer Course duration – 1 year ( Professional)

Computer Courses fees- 1500/- per month

5. Digital Marketing

Nowadays, Internet usage is increasing day by day so Digital Marketing has become the most demanding computer course in India.

No need any special qualification to learn digital marketing, 6th, 7th, 11th, 12th, graduate any student can start to learn digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Strategy Approach for 2019 | Boostability

Digital marketing contains terms as follows.

Blogging Affiliate marketing
Social Media Marketing Mobile Marketing
Web Analytics Email Marketing
Sales funnel Convention rate optimization
Search Engine Optimization Content Marketing

1. Search Engine Marketing

It is the process of increasing website traffic through running ads such as Google AdWord, Bing ads, Yahoo ads, etc.

2. Social Media Marketing

It is the process of gaining traffic through social media sites for increasing business. That sites are like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Tiktok, Linkedin, etc.

3. Web Analytics

It is the process of analyzing the behavior of visitors, the audience to a website.
Two types of web  analytics are-

  1. Off-site web analytics
  2. On-site web analytics

4. Content Marketing

Content Marketing means creating valuable, relevant to the content to attract customers for a more profitable business.

5. Search Engine Optimization

It is the process of increasing free organic traffic on our website.
There are mainly three types of SEO techniques

  • Black hat SEO
  • White hat SEO
  • Grey hat SEO

6. Email Marketing

It is the process to build a good relationship with clients and also for promoting products or services through email.

6. Animation and VFX

Nowadays, the animation is being popular in entertainment and educational industry.

Animation Online - VFX Course List - The Los Angeles Film School

Animation makes things easy to understand so this is one of the best computer courses in the computer industries.

It is the technique of creating cartoons by using photos and drawings and giving it motion.

If you want to become a professional animator then you can study a Diploma in Animation and VFX, And also go for a Bachelor’s degree in Animation and VFX at a reputed institute you can make a good career in this field.

It is an evergreen course for the students who want to work as a.

Animator Illustrator
layout artist Digital painter
Game developer Video editor

If you have good knowledge and skill then there are various types of industries for you where you can get a job such as

  • Video Game industries
  • Animation studios
  • Film production houses
  • Television industries
  • Mass media etc.

7. Mobile App Development 

Mobile usage is increasing fast these days and India is the third fastest-growing app market in the world.

Comparing Different Types of Mobile Application Development

So this digital world has greatly enhanced the importance of the app developers so it can be the best computer course.

There are some responsibilities of app developers like application management, planning, and designing, development, and testing debugging or troubleshooting, etc.

There is a big opportunity in this digital world for mobile app developers.

Gets an attractive salary and a very good working environment.

If you are planning to become a mobile app developer you should know coding and designing applications, need to know the typical programming languages like java, javascript, c++, python, and PHP.

So you have to join a Diploma or Bachelor’s degree course at any best institute for good knowledge and skill in developing mobile apps.

8. Software Engineer 

The world is becoming modern and digital so the importance of software engineers is increasing day by day.

What We Mean When We Say “Software Engineer” - Don't Panic Labs

So Software Engineering becomes the best computer course for those who want to become software engineers.

If you are interested in coding you can choose a software engineer as a career.

The software engineers have to guide and design the development of programs, so they are responsible for designing, developing and maintaining software systems.

You should have good speaking and listening skills, as well as critical thinking and should be comfortable and good teachable.

It’s a good-paying job and not difficult but you should hard work.

If you want to become a software  engineer then you have to join a bachelor’s degree course in software engineering

9. E – Accounting( Taxation )

It is one of the best courses in computer courses after 12th and nowadays it becomes the most important computer course.

If you have completed 12th standard in commerce stream then you can join the E – Accounting( Taxation) course.


It is a certification as well as a Diploma course. you can do B.com and M.com in E –  Accounting

After completion of this course, you can join as a junior clerk and junior assistant where tax files.

You have to ensure that taxes are paid on time and have to prepare tax and financial statements.

You can choose E – Accounting(Taxation) after 12th commerce for your bright future.

10. Tally ERP 9

It is the best computer course in the computer courses list after 12th commerce field but not only for the commerce field any of the stream can join this course.

Things you must know while managing multiple Branches in Tally

Tally ERP ( Enterprise Resource Planning ) is a software used for maintaining accounts in a company and ERP 9 is the latest version.

It is a certification as well as a diploma course where you can learn taxation, financial management, account management, etc.

After completion of this course, you can work as a tally operator, assistant where GST return files, Income tax return files and as a fresher you have to do basic works like purchases and sales entries with GST and many more.

11. Cyber Security Course

Now we are living in a digital era, everything is being online from offline, so cybersecurity has become the most important nowadays.

Why You Need To Learn Cyber Security Course - SSDN Technologies

Cyber Security is a technique to protect data, information, computer system from theft or any danger attacks.

We are creating social media accounts, developing websites, developing apps, software and many more, somehow there is a danger of cyber-attacks so cybersecurity is a must in this digital era.

It has become the most important computer courses after 12th or graduation to get a job.

If you join the course then have to study subjects such as Basics of ethics hackings, Cyber Security analysis, Advance Security analysis, Application of attacks, etc.

After completion of the course, you can get a job in police departments, corporate houses, IT companies, and software developing companies as a cyber consultant, security auditors, research assistant, network administrator, etc.

Computer Course duration:- 6 months – 1 year

Computer Course Fee:- 5K – 25K

12. Data Entry Operator

It is the best computer course for the job If you have 12th pass or graduated then Data Entry Operator is the best job for you,  you can join and make a career in this field.

Data Entry means you have to add or insert data or information into a computer as a form of text or number from the source file.

Source file could be a book, handwritten note, PDF or image.

Basic skills required for Data Entry Operator

    • Knowledge of computer operation
    • High typing speed 40WPM with very good accuracy
    • Typing English + Hindi
    • Basic knowledge of English
    • You should be good in MS- Office, MS-Word, MS-Excel

Some companies provide jobs to data entry operators such as Customer care centers, KPO(Knowledge process outsourcing), BPO(Business process outsourcing), etc.

As a Data Entry Operator, you have to add, update or maintain data, Filling the documents, verification and many more.

13. Advanced Diploma in Computer Applications

Course | Professional Microsoft Office Application 6 Month Govt Course

It is the best and popular course in the computer course list.
You can join thiscourses after 12th in any stream or graduation in any field for your bright career.

In this course, you will get to learn about

1. Basic computer

Computer fundamental computer parts, Memory
Input-output devices processing unit
Window overview 7, 8, 10 HTML

2. Softwares

MS Office word 2007 Microsoft Office paint
MS PowerPoint MS Word
MS Excel Notepad

3. Desktop designing software 

Corel Draw Image design

After completion of this course, you can get a job as a

Computer operator Office coordinator
Data entry operator Graphic designer
Tally assistant Accountant

Computer Course duration – 1 year

Computer Course Fee:- 7.5K  – 10K

14. Advanced Diploma in Financial Accounting

best computer courses list for job

It is the best computer course after 12th, 10th or graduation but it is most suitable for 12th commerce students because it is related to finance and accounting.

If you are interested in banking, finance, and accounting then ADFA( Advanced diploma in financial accounting ) is the best course for you.

In the Advanced diploma in a financial accounting course, you will get to learn about it.

  1. Basic computer
Computer fundamentals Input-output devices
Operating system File management
Processing unit Computer handling

2. MS Office

Ms word Ms access
Ms. PowerPoint Ms excel
Ms paint

3. Tally ERP 9

Accounting and financial management Basic accounting system
Taxation Inventory management
E-filing CST

4. And other online applications

Internet Browser
Email Search engine
Digital awareness Surfing

After completion of this course, you can join as a.

Bank clerk tally operator
accounting executive computer operator
tax consultant data entry operator

Computer Course duration – 1 year

Computer Course Fee – 12000-15000

15. Computer Programming Certification course

There are various types of computer programming certification courses available such as Java, C++, C-language, Python, Software Development, App development and many more.

best computer courses list for job
These are also supporting computer certification courses for any job in the list of computer courses.

You can select your favorite topic and join the course. After completion, of course, you can get a job easily.

16. ITI in Computer

best computer courses list for job

There are various types of computer course  available in ITI like COPA ( Computer operator and programming assistant ) Information Technology and many more

After completion of ITI, you can for further study and also go for a job in an IT company.

17. Diploma in Computer Science and Engineering

It is one of the best computer course and After 10th or  12th you can go for Diploma in computer science and engineering

AP ECET Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) 2020 Syllabus, Weightage, Mock Test, Question Paper, Answer Key

You will get to learn various types of things in this field like Computer fundamentals, Programming Languages, C++, Java, Web Programming, Networking and many more.

This course available in both private as well as government colleges and You can do D to D( Diploma to Degree)  or job in any IT company.

18. Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )

Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing organic traffic of any particular website. So it is one of the best computer courses.

5 Basic SEO Principles to Increase Your Website Traffic - Multichannel Merchant

There is a lot of benefits of joining the Search Engine Optimization (SEO ) course because of the increasing craze of blogging these days.

After completion of the Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) course, you can work in Digital Marketing. You have to work with Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and have to rank the website posts in top position by your SEO technics.

You can get a good salary near 15K and after being an SEO expert you can get a hot salary of more than 1 lakh. There are lots of scopes nowadays so you can go for Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) course.

19. Content Writing Course

best computer courses list for job

It is the best computer course. In this computer course, you will get to learn about how to write high-quality content for any particular Website, Books, News, Channels, etc

There is a lot of demand for a content writer nowadays because selling any product requires high-quality reviews, to grow any channel requires high-quality content and many more


Q1 – What are the courses in a computer?

There are various types of computer courses available such as Digital Marketing, Web Designing, Animation and VFX, Basic computer Course, Course on Computer Concept (CCC), Graphic Designing, Tally ERP9, Diploma in Computer Science and Engineering, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Data Entry Operator, Cyber Security Courses, ITI in Computer like COPA, Diploma in Computer Application, etc.

Q2 – Which is the best short term course in the computer? 

Short term computer courses which have time duration around 6 months to the 1-year such as Basic computer course, Course on computer concept (CCC), Graphic Designing, Web Designing, Computer programming certification courses, Advanced diploma in computer application, Cyber Security course, Content writing course, SEO course etc.

Q3 – Which computer course is best for a job?

There are some best trending courses for the job in India like Web Designing, Digital Marketing, Animation and VFX, Graphic Designing, Advanced diploma in computer application, Cyber Security course, SEO course, Content writing, Mobile application development, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering etc.

Q4 – Which is the best course in the computer after 12th?

There are some best computer courses after 12th which are Diploma in computer science and engineering, Advanced diploma in financial accounting, Digital marketing, Web Designing, Graphic Designing, Animation and VFX, Advanced diploma in computer application, Tally ERP9, Computer engineering, Software Engineering, Computer-Aided Design (CAD), etc.

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