• 573, Rajeev Nagar, Sonepat - 131001 (Haryana) INDIA



The aims and objects of the society shall be purely for Educational & Charitable Purposes i.e To serve the people by providing education and upliftment of poor and needy people of society and the advancement of any other objects of General public utility.

1.To open public schools, colleges, Para-medical colleges, Ayurvedic and medical colleges.
2.To open computer centers to provide computer education to the male and female youth at the reasonable fee.
3.To open training institute for safety and fire-fighting Industrial Security, Management and Operational Institutes.
4.To work for promotion of sports and health care activities.
5.To raise of acquire funds or property from Central Government, State Government, Non-Government agencies, charitable trusts by way of donations or grants or contribution or by taking loan from public and private financial institutions. The funds, properties, assets and all other resources, present and future, of the Society shall be utilised for any or all the purposes or objects of the Society as stated above and also for all other similar activities in furtherance of ideals of truth and non-violence.
6.To avail loans from the financial institutions/banks to construct the building of the society and transportation.
7.To work for the rehabilitation of orphan children and poor children of the society.
8.To work for the rehabilitation of handicapped and mentally retared children of the society.
9.To take up programs for accelerating the pace of rural development for cost reduction, improving productivity etc. Especially in the field of water conservation , sanitation, low-cost housing, agriculture and animal husbandry and engineering sources.
10.To conduct various cultural programme, academic programme and sports for the development of youth in rural area as well asin urban area .
11.To accept the donation/grants from the government /semi-government and to start the project on public welfares like old age home, awareness on aids, awareness against addiction etc.
12.To create awareness and addressing some of the social evils, such as female feticide dowry extravagant expenditure on social functions like marriages, empowerment of women in decision making etc.
13.Promotion and extension of appropriate technology including systems having renewable sources of energy.
14.To take up programme in which science and technology may have major role in improving life, working condition and oppurtunities for gainful employment of educated youth .
15.To conduct training programme like entrepreneur development programme for the self- employment of unemployment educated youth.
16.To open Cretche and Play Schools.
17.To work for the cause of enforcement of prohibition and initiate people’s movement aganist smoking, alcholism and drug abuse.
18.To under take programme which ensure rising of income levels and expending employment oppurtunities of the weaker sections of the Society, particularly of those living below the poverty line and women by involving participants in the planning, implementation and maintenance of activities taken up .
19.To organise disadvantages section of society and step for incresing their level of awarness in regards to the programme content and facilities herein under Government/Non-Government programme, legal provisions etc. and also for increasing their bargaining power by promoting co- operative and group action.
20.To open children home/ Semi-orphan home/ etc. and give free education for them.
21.To maintain library and reading room.
22.To organise camps and motivate the people aganist child labour and also motivate children for education.
23.To organise camps on environment, pollution control.
24.To receive donations in cash or immovable property from the public local body as well as abroad too.
25.Society can have any property anywhere in its operational area for the purpose of the Society on lease or purchase in the name of the Society.
26.The society shall not be used for the political purpose or any other anti-national activities.
27.The society by its constitution is required to apply its surplus if any or other income for charitable purposes only.
28.To gives fees scholarship, stipends and aids to the deserving and brilliant students regardless of their caste, creed and sex.
29.To make up all formal and non-formal educational programme as per directives contained in the National Policy of Education, 1986.
30.Promotion of national unity and international peace and amity.
31.Promotion of communal land social harmony and brotherhood.
32.To spread education according to the need of present era and scientific method.