Characterstics & limitations of computer

chapter 5

Characteristics of Computer System:
A computer system is better than human beings in a way that it possesses the following capabilities:
(i) Speed:
Speed is the amount of time taken by the computer in accomplishing a task of an operation. The time taken by a computer to perform a particular task is far less than that taken by than a human being. Different computers are classified on the basis of their speed by comparing their MIPS (Million Instructions Per Second).        (ii) Accuracy:
Accuracy refers to the degree of correctness and exactness of operations performed by a computer. In the absence of bad programming, computers do not commit errors and are capable of handling complex instructions accurately. If the data fed into a computer is not error free, it is likely to produce inaccurate results.                (iii) Reliability:
Computer systems are non-respondent to human factors like fatigue, tiredness or boredom. Therefore, they are more likely to work repeatedly and efficiently. In case of any failure in a computer system, there are provisions for immediate backup of information and programs.                                                                                                      (iv) Versatility:
Computers are capable of performing all levels of tasks- simple or complex. Therefore, they can be used in any area-science, technology, business, finance, accounts, communications and so on.
(v) Storage:
It refers to the capacity of a computer to store data and programs. Storage is done in storage media such as CDs, Floppies, DVDs, RAM (Random Access Memory), ROM (Read Only Memory).
Limitations of a Computer System:
Although a computer is far better in performance than a human being, it fails in certain ways as follows:
(i) Computers can’t Think:
Computers cannot think and they can’t do any job unless they are first programmed with specific instructions for same. They work as per stored instructions. Algorithms are designed by humans to make a computer perform a special task. This is also called artificial intelligence                                                                                    (ii) Computers can’t Decide:
Computers are incapable of decision making as they do not possess the essential elements necessary to take a decision i.e. knowledge, information, wisdom, intelligence and the ability to judge.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  (iii) Computers can’t Express their Ideas:
In any type of research ideas plays a vital role. In this context, computers can’t express their ideas.                                                                                                                            (iv) Computers can’t Implement:
Though computers are helpful in storage of data and can contain the contents of encyclopedias even, but only humans can decide and implement the policies.