Introduction of computer

Chapter 1
Chapter: 1 Introduction of computer
There are three words.
Garden = cxhpk Gardener = ekyh
Play = [ksyuk Player = f[kykM+h
So Compute = x.kuk djuk
and Computer Means : a= x.kuk djus okyk ;
Computer  Word :
Computer is a word which crate from compute and compute means calculation.
So, Computer word means a calculation device.
What is Computer ?
Computer is an electronic device. In which we can input data, Processing it and gives us output as result.
Input : To feed information.
Data  : (Raw facts) It is related to any  kind of information.
Processing : A series of action to be performed on the data.
Result : The result given by the computer.
There are four parts in the computer system.
An electronic device that accepts data as input, and transforms it under the influence of a set of special instructions called Programs, to produce the desired output (referred to as Information).

A computer is described as an electronic device because; it is made up of electronic components and uses electric energy (such as electricity) to operate.

A computer has an internal memory, which stores data & instructions temporarily awaiting processing, and even holds the intermediate result (information) before it is communicated to the recipients through the Output devices.

It works on the data using the instructions issued, means that, the computer cannot do any useful job on its own. It can only work as per the set of instructions issued.

A computer will accept data in one form and produce it in another form. The data is normally held within the computer as it is being processed.