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Computer teachers help people of all ages learn about computer use, from the basics of hardware to advanced coding. Learning about the steps you can take to become a computer teacher can help you decide on a career. In this article, we provide a job description, duties and salary for a computer teacher, describe how you can become a computer teacher and list skills for computer teachers.

  • Design lesson plans.

  • Observe computer use.

  • Manage classroom behavior.

  • Instruct on using computer hardware.

  • Describe the types and use of computer software.

  • Teach students proper typing form and techniques.

  • Grade computer assignments.

  • Maintain computer hardware.

    Below is a list of Duties and Responsibilities for a Computer Teacher instructing teens and adults on computer use:

    • Create plans for lessons.

    • Observe classroom behavior.

    • Grade assignments.

    • Instruct on verifying website information.

    • Teach students basic real-world computer skills, like word processing and spreadsheets.

    • Describe how computer networks work and other IT concepts.

    • Teach coding languages and programming.

    • Instruct on web design.

    Hard skills for computer teachers

    Below is a list of hard skills you can use to help develop students’ proficiency with computers:

    • Programming: Learning to program in languages like Python, Java and PHP can allow you to design programming lessons for students.

    • Web design: Developing

    •  an understanding of web design rules, concepts and processes can allow you to teach students to design web pages.

    • Graphic design: You can use your graphic design skills to teach students how to use graphic design programs.

    • IT: Gaining IT knowledge and skills can allow you to teach students about computer networks and skills necessary for a career in IT.

    • Engineering: Computer teachers with engineering knowledge can help students create robotics.

    • Professional development: Learning to develop others’ professional skills like leadership, communication and creative problem-solving can help you create lesson plans that allow students to gain technology-related career skills.

Soft skills for computer teachers

Below is a list of soft skills you can use in a career as a computer teacher:

  • Communication: A computer teacher can use communication skills to help others understand difficult concepts.

  • Organization: Computer teachers can use organization skills to design lesson plans and keep students on task during class.

  • Critical thinking: Both technology and teaching require critical thinking skills to troubleshoot problems.

  • Leadership: Leadership skills can help a computer teacher engage a class for successful instruction.

  • Teamwork: Computer teachers can collaborate with other teachers to create lesson plans.